Bunker Hill Farm

We have been using Neptune’s Harvest Fish Fertilizer at Bunker Hill Farm in Rusagonis for the last four years. We use it for our certified organic vegetable gardens, hay and forage crops, grain fields, greenhouse transplants, apple and other fruit trees and also on our (non-certified) house plants.

It promotes growth in young plants and improves the yield of grains, vegetables and hay. The plants look healthier and are more robust. With house plants, the leaves are greener and glossier and the root systems seem stronger.

We did a control experiment with two large tubs of flowers. We watered one with Neptune’s fish fertilizer included in the water and one with just water. This was done when the plants were a few weeks old. The plants in the tub watered with the Neptune’s Fish Fertilizer were significantly higher and thicker than the plants in the other tub within two weeks. We were amazed by the result.

We continue to use it on our farm, with confidence, as our only source of off-farm certified organic fertilizer.

Dick and Jacquie Cleveland
Bunker Hill Farm, Rusagonis, New Brunswick


I have been using your Neptune’s Harvest products for about a month now (fish fertilizer and fish/seaweed). My plants absolutely love the stuff. The results are like nothing I have seen before in organics. I have only seen growth rates like that before in hydroponics. Your products are like nutrients packed with growth stimulants. All my plants are very alert, perky, green and glossy. I have been growing vegetables for years now and have never seen my plants so beautiful.
I am now a Neptune’s Harvest customer for life. I do not want my plants to ever go without it. Thank you so much.

Darryl from Oshawa, Ontario

Mac and Helen Haynes

We are strawberry growers in the Woodstock, NB area and grow a large acreage of strawberries every year. We have used Neptune's Harvest on our strawberry plants and are delighted to report that Neptune's Harvest provides greener foliage and a great deal more blossoms (resulting in many more berries) than when using a chemical fertilizer. We love the fact that Neptune's Harvest is environmentally safe and organic. In addition to increasing our strawberry harvest, Neptune's Harvest discourages rodents, raccoons, and deer and repels aphids. What a wonderful product!

Mac and Helen Haynes
Strawberry Growers 

Sylvia Priestly-Brown

Since April 2011, I have been using the sample bottle of Neptune's Harvest all natural organic fish fertilizer, that I received from your booth at the ACORN conference, on all my indoor plants.

I have had these indoor plants for many years, and want you to know that this organic fish fertilizer has worked wonders on them. I apply just a few drops to a watering can and water my indoor plants once a week. The results have been remarkable - an ivy plant has leaves that are easily double in size from how they normally grew. The colour of the leaves are a richer, deeper green with more variegation.

Another trailing plant, Scindapsus (also called Silver Vine or Devil's Ivy), that I have had since 2008, is growing double in length than any of its counterparts. I received just one leaf from this plant as a memorial to a late colleague, as did all my co-workers who knew her well. Their plants grow slowly, however mine has required re-potting and the vines are double in length. Seeing is believing: I include photographys that show their unfertilized plants beside my Neptune's Harvest-fertilized plant for comparison.

I also used organic fish fertilizer outdoors on my 10'x20' vegetable garden, as well as my perennial flowers and shrubs. I never thought I would be able to grow a broccoli in my Zone 4 garden that equals the size of commercially-grown broccoli, but I have! My beets, carrots, pole beans and Brussels Sprouts are coming along very well, and I expect to be able to harvest them in the coming weeks. My snap peas, snow peas, yellow bush beans, gourmet lettuce, radishes, green onions, and pickling cucumbers have all been producing plenty of food, and this is despite a late planting and a very rainy summer. As this is my first vegetable garden in this Zone, I am delighted with the results.

I would highly recommend this product to gardeners who wish to avoid chemical fertilizers and help maintain the biological life of their garden soil. I plan to enlarge my vegetable garden in 2012 and grow even more food, with the help of Neptune's Harvest. Thank you for distributing this useful, environmentally safe product in Atlantic Canada.

Yours truly,
Sylvia Priestley-Brown 

Ruth Hogg

I have never had such lush foliage and a multitude of flowers. The Brandywines are now as tall as I am and my basket vee and red bounty already have tomatoes 3 inches in diameter. My tumbler toms have already started ripening and are covered with fruit. Thank you so much for your help. I now have enough Neptune's Harvest to start next year's seeds. None of my tomatoes will go to waste I will share with our Food Share gardens what I can't use. Everyone wins!

Keep up the good work.


Ruth Hogg, Elliot Lake, Ont.