Bunker Hill Farm

We have been using Neptune’s Harvest Fish Fertilizer at Bunker Hill Farm in Rusagonis for the last four years. We use it for our certified organic vegetable gardens, hay and forage crops, grain fields, greenhouse transplants, apple and other fruit trees and also on our (non-certified) house plants.

It promotes growth in young plants and improves the yield of grains, vegetables and hay. The plants look healthier and are more robust. With house plants, the leaves are greener and glossier and the root systems seem stronger.

We did a control experiment with two large tubs of flowers. We watered one with Neptune’s fish fertilizer included in the water and one with just water. This was done when the plants were a few weeks old. The plants in the tub watered with the Neptune’s Fish Fertilizer were significantly higher and thicker than the plants in the other tub within two weeks. We were amazed by the result.

We continue to use it on our farm, with confidence, as our only source of off-farm certified organic fertilizer.

Dick and Jacquie Cleveland
Bunker Hill Farm, Rusagonis, New Brunswick