Michael Reali

parsleyI took this photo with my phone last night, this is Italian Parsley gone wild! I had already cut it back once! These are from seeds! The stuff just works unbelievably good. My wife sad she was going to make a video "Herbs Gone Wild".....said it would appeal to little old Italian men that live to garden (like me!).

I really can't believe how good the fertilizer works. I wish I had taken photos of my herb garden before I thinned it out....my wife could not believe her eyes! If I remember I will take some additional shots...I will never use anything else!

Thank you,

Michael Reali
Portland, ME

Jennifer Brennan

I wanted to let you know I have all my neighbors now purchasing your products. They all asked how the plants are so healthy and growing so fast. I am a huge fan of your Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer. It really works better than any other organic fertilizers I have ever used.

I would also like to say how fast my product arrived, last time I ordered.


Jennifer Brennan
Berkley, MA

David J. Heywood

Dear Neptune's Harvest,

I would like to inform you that your products have done an excellent job. It has amazed us how well the 2-4-1 Fish Fertilizer worked out. Over a three-month period we put the plants through several types of weather conditions.

The plants we used were peppers, roses, green beans, melons, tomatoes, mint, and an assorted mixture of wildflowers, strawberries, and tomatoes.

After they first started to grow we maintained perfect growing conditions. We used topsoil and added the correct amount of 2-4-1, to the watering system. After two weeks the pepper plants, for example, were over 13 inches in height.

We then put the plants through a drought condition, and after they had started to die we brought them back into the greenhouse were we started to immediately apply the fertilizer again. We had to cut a little of the plant leaves back, but after three days new leaves started to grow and the older leaves picked right up.

Next we wanted to do a test to see how well the plants would do in a simulated frost condition. We took the plants and put them into three refrigerators for three days. They started to drop pretty fast, so we brought them back into the greenhouse and started the recovery system all over again. Within four days all of the plants were back to normal.

Now for our review:

We here at The American Farm Report would RECOMMEND the use of Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer for anyone that would like to grow fresh food, and flowers using organic fertilizers, instead of commercial fertilizers. We believe that by following the directions on the container, you will have the top garden in the neighborhood.

Also, you can know that your vegetables were raised with NO harmful products, and you may have a longer production time. If you have a greenhouse, you can enjoy all the fruits of your labor all year long!! Here at The American Farm Report, we test fertilizers and soil samples, and when a product stands out like Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer, we put our name on the line when we say that it is one of the best products to come our way!!

David J. Heywood
The American Farm Report

Joe Jutras

gourdDear Neptune Harvest,

I've been growing giant pumpkins for the last ten years and have always used Neptune's Harvest products with great results. This year, I tried growing long gourds for the first time and thought that what is great for growing pumpkins would be great for growing long gourds too. I sprayed the leaves with seaweed and drenched the soil with fish and seaweed on a weekly basis. The leaves always had a nice green, healthy shine the day after a feeding. As you can see, the plants grew vigorous and the long gourds were growing 5 - 6" a day! My longest long gourd grew to 126.5" - a new WORLD RECORD!!

I strongly recommend to people, to use these all natural products in their fertilizing program! Thank you, Neptune's Harvest!

Joe Jutras
Scituate, RI

George and Lisa Pritchett

pasture1Hello from L.A. (Lower Alabama)

"A picture says a thousand words!" It all began with the use of Neptune's Harvest Fish Emulsion. A visiting friend made the comment that there is a definite difference between our pastures and the neighbors. So we thought we would share his observations.

These photos were taken the same morning on June 6, 2006. The top photo is of our pasture and the bottom is a neighbors directly across our fenceline.

pasture2At this time, the cows had been off this pasture for 8 days and we were 13" below normal in rainfall for the year.

We have used your fish emulsion on this land for the past six years. The neighboring pasture was fertilized using conventional practices.

In using your product we have seen a definite improvement in the health of our soil, which in turn has enabled the earthworm and dung beetle populations to dramatically increase. All of the improvements have been a contributing factor to the retention and usage of rainfall and overall health of our soil.

Many thanks for your line of products. We are "VERY SATISFIED!"

George and Lisa Pritchett
Evergreen, Alabama