Scott Palmer

2005pumpkinDear Neptune's Harvest:

Thank you for letting us tell you about your wonderful products. I recently grew a 1443 lb. pumpkin and had it weighed at the SNGPG, 12th Annual Southern New England Giant Pumpkin Growers Championship, held at Frerich's Farm in Warren, RI. My pumpkin took 1st place and is currently the largest pumpkin grown in New England, and is the 2nd largest pumpkin grown this year (2005) in the world.


I have been growing pumpkins for about 5 years and have been using your Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer faithfully.

This year times were tough and I really didn't have the money to buy the products, but knew I really needed them if I wanted to best my record of an 877 lb. pumpkin from last year, so I broke down and bought the products, and I am glad I made that investment. I used both the liquid Fish and the liquid Seaweed products once a week, and followed the instructions on the label.

When people ask me what I used for fertilizer I tell them NEPTUNE'S HARVEST, of course. I tell people all the time to try your products, and all the pumpkin growers I know love your product as much as I do. I would never use anything but NEPTUNE'S.

Your products are the best and without them I don't know if my pumpkin would have

weighed in at 1443 lbs. this year.

Thank you again for your wonderful products and a great selection.

Scott Palmer
Greene, RI

Bruce Whittier

1458This pumpkin weighed 1458 lbs. and is the LARGEST PUMPKIN EVER GROWN!

However, it developed a pin hole late in the season and therefore was not eligible for the official weigh-off.

It was grown using Neptune's Harvest products by Bruce Whittier of Henniker, NH during the 2003 season.

NOTE: 2003 was a difficult growing year, due to a long, cold, wet spring, which makes this weight even more of an achievement.

Thanks be to God and Neptune's Harvest

For the past three years I have used Neptune's Harvest and the results have been remarkable!

In 2001 I grew a 1,131 lb. and a 1,061 lb. pumpkin on one plant, and the very next year (2002) I grew a 1,186.4 lb. pumpkin. This season, (2003) much to my surprise, two more even larger than the previous years were found in my patch.

One weighed in at 1,301.4 lbs. at the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, MA, and took 1st place in New England. The second one weighed an amazing 1,458 lbs., and was the largest pumpkin ever grown in the world. Unfortunately it did not qualify for competition due to a pinhole.

I have been using Neptune's Harvest Fish and Seaweed faithfully. I use these products according to their directions on a weekly basis.

Hats off to Neptune's Harvest, and again, thanks for your great products and God bless.

Bruce Whittier
Henniker, NH

Robert Cody

cabbageDear Neptune's Harvest,

This is a picture of a cabbage I grew this year. I give all the credit for this cabbage to Neptune's Harvest. I've grown this type of cabbage, Megaton, for the past three years. This is the first year I used Neptune's Harvest. This year's 15 1/2 lb. head is double the size and weight of what I've grown in previous years without Neptune's Harvest. It was bigger than a basketball!

You certainly made a believer out of me! Great product, thank you!

cabbagenewI thought I'd send a picture of the latest and greatest. This one weighed in at 16 1/4 lbs., a new record for me. Neptune's Harvest once again did the trick.

newcabbage2Here it is! A new record cabbage. Thi this year, other than the Neptune's. We ribly ad hot summer here in western PA. I had almost a dozen 15 and 16 pounders and lots of 10s and 12s. Maybe a 20 pounder next year!

Robert Cody
Wampum, PA

Mark A. High

Dear Neptune's Harvest,

Your Fish/Seaweed is the best! Last year, 2003, I put Spray-n-Grow to the test, and had average results.

In 2004 I put your fertilizer's to the test and it has been 10 times more powerful then the others.

It put all the others to shame, and unworthy to be in your class!!!

Thank you! Thank you!!! You have a customer for life. Neptune's thank you for walking the walk.

You're not all talk like the others.

Mark A. High
Wynnewood, OK

Thomas C. Daniel

I thought you might enjoy some pictures from our garden. We have had a cool growing season here in SE Michigan this summer, but we were able to grow our favorite sunflowers. We had 22 different kinds, from 12'' high to 13' high.

We really appreciate your fish and seaweed product as it has made a difference year after year. All these flowers were grown with just Fish and Seaweed from Neptune's Harvest.


"Mexican White Corn"
15 ft. and still growing!


"Kong Sunflowers"


Thanks to God and Neptune's Harvest!
Thomas C. Daniel
Auburn Hills, MI