John R. Braun

This was a very challenging year for grape growers. A very good blossom time produced an abundance of grapes but was two weeks late, consequently, the harvest was at least two weeks late.

With the wet spring, unusual weather, plus the heavy crop, many of the vineyards were not producing the brix (sugar) necessary to make a ripe and flavorful grape.


This year really proved the benefits of the hydrolyzed fish, seaweed, and humates. Where most grape growers were worrying and complaining about disease and ripeness, my grapes were where they should have been. The brix were at a desirable level and held up very well with the late harvest.

Thank you for your excellent products, explanations on how to use them and service you have shown me. I look forward to continuing to be your customer in the future.


John R. Braun
Glenside Vineyards
Naples, NY

Joe Licata

Dear Neptune's Harvest

I'm 79 years old. I've been gardening for over 65 years. I used

Neptune's Harvest for the first time, and I put it on my flowers and I've noticed a difference.

The flowers are bigger and brighter, and the greens are very firm. The funny thing is, I'm visually impaired, yet I can tell a difference and my family agrees as well. My assistant gardener is my 4-year-old grandchild, Nichole, and she planted 25 pumpkin seeds, and I added Neptune's Harvest to each seed and in 15 days, 100% germination. I planted 50 tomato plants, and the next day, each one was standing up straight.

Thank you Neptune's Harvest!

Joe Licata
Valley Stream, NY

Top Three

topthreeB"With the help of Neptune's Harvest products, I grew an 1177 lb. Pumpkin for 2002. I was also the first grower in New England to achieve growing 5 pumpkins in the same year, all weighing over 800 lbs. There is no doubt that my growing successes are attributed to the use of Neptune's Harvest products"

Jim Kuhn
Goffstown, NH

"Prior to 2001 I hadn't used Neptune's Harvest and my pumpkins were in the 500 lb. range. In 2001 I grew two pumpkins on one plant that weighed 1061 lbs., and 1131 lbs.

In 2002 in grew one at 1186.4 lbs. Thanks for a great product!!!"

Bruce Whittier
Henniker, NH

"I have grown 'Giant Pumpkins' for 15 years. I first used Neptune's Harvest in 2001, and until then my pumpkins were around 500-600 lbs.

In 2001, my best pumpkin weighed 890.2 and in 2002, I grew the new World Record of 1337.6 lbs."

Charles Houghton, Sr.
New Boston, NH

Bob Davis

davis"Can you beat that for 1 bulb!? One stem with 20 blossoms, another with 18 buds! Neptune's Harvest, won't use anything else."

Bob Davis
Winthrop, MA

Tom J. Harris

"I have replaced chemical fertilizer with Neptune's Harvest Fish Hydrolysate and Seaweed. By using these products and rotating peanuts with corn and wheat every three years, my yields have increased.

My CEC, which is how good the soil is to the plant, is increasing every year. It is now 14. I am now selling some loads of peanuts with 76% meat and 61% extra large kernels. They usually run between 60 to 70% meat and 30 to 50% extra large kernels.

These peanuts, grown using the fish and seaweed, are the best tasting peanuts I have ever eaten. If you want good tasting vegetables, use these Neptune products."

Tom J. Harris
Littleton, NC