pic-02Organic Atlantic Distributors Inc., located in Woodstock, New Brunswick, is a Canadian Distributor for Neptune's Harvest Organic (ECOCERT APPROVED) Fish and Fish/Seaweed Fertilizers. Nestled in the valley of the Saint John River and all its beauty, we have come to the realization that protecting and saving our environment should be a top priority on everybody's mind.

Neptune's Harvest Organic (ECOCERT APPROVED) Fish Fertilizers are the first truly organic products that we have distributed and they are steering us onto the road of ensuring sustainability in the farming community.

Neptune's Harvest is manufactured in Gloucester, Massachusetts using over 40 species of fresh North Atlantic fish caught at a minimum of 3 miles out into the sea, thus eliminating trash river and harbour fish that may contain harmful PCB's and mercury. Neptune's Harvest is cold-processed from start to finish (not heated like other fish fertilizers are) which allows all the nutrients to be retained and creates no offensive odour. Then it is put through a 165 mesh screen before going into the holding tank and then a 150 micron screen before going into the final container and shipping. It is the consistency of chocolate milk and is very easy to apply. Emulsions, on the other hand, are thick, having the consistency of molasses. They are hard to handle and are notorious for clogging sprayers and getting stuck in the holding tanks. Because they are so thick, farmers and growers cannot pump it all from their tanks, especially towards the bottom. Neptune's Harvest was originally designed to go through drip tape, so that speaks volumes for its non-clogging abilities. And it can be mixed with other inputs, thus saving you time by not having to go out onto the fields to spray one at a time. It is also systemic which means the nutrients go straight to the roots the moment it is applied.

pic-03Neptune's Harvest builds sugars in plants, which makes plants healthier and less susceptible to fungus, disease, and insect damage. This also makes fruit, vegetables and herbs taste better. Blooms are more plentiful and longer-lasting on flowering plants.

When used on hay and pasture, the results achieved are:

  • Higher yields
  • More nutritional grass (that is, higher protein, sugar, omega oils, vitamins and minerals)
  • Faster breakdown of manure (less flies, more dung beetles, more earthworms, more nitrogen in the soil)
  • Healthier soil (builds beneficial bacteria, and gets soil microbes going)
  • Healthier animals