Top Three

topthreeB"With the help of Neptune's Harvest products, I grew an 1177 lb. Pumpkin for 2002. I was also the first grower in New England to achieve growing 5 pumpkins in the same year, all weighing over 800 lbs. There is no doubt that my growing successes are attributed to the use of Neptune's Harvest products"

Jim Kuhn
Goffstown, NH

"Prior to 2001 I hadn't used Neptune's Harvest and my pumpkins were in the 500 lb. range. In 2001 I grew two pumpkins on one plant that weighed 1061 lbs., and 1131 lbs.

In 2002 in grew one at 1186.4 lbs. Thanks for a great product!!!"

Bruce Whittier
Henniker, NH

"I have grown 'Giant Pumpkins' for 15 years. I first used Neptune's Harvest in 2001, and until then my pumpkins were around 500-600 lbs.

In 2001, my best pumpkin weighed 890.2 and in 2002, I grew the new World Record of 1337.6 lbs."

Charles Houghton, Sr.
New Boston, NH