John R. Braun

This was a very challenging year for grape growers. A very good blossom time produced an abundance of grapes but was two weeks late, consequently, the harvest was at least two weeks late.

With the wet spring, unusual weather, plus the heavy crop, many of the vineyards were not producing the brix (sugar) necessary to make a ripe and flavorful grape.


This year really proved the benefits of the hydrolyzed fish, seaweed, and humates. Where most grape growers were worrying and complaining about disease and ripeness, my grapes were where they should have been. The brix were at a desirable level and held up very well with the late harvest.

Thank you for your excellent products, explanations on how to use them and service you have shown me. I look forward to continuing to be your customer in the future.


John R. Braun
Glenside Vineyards
Naples, NY