George and Lisa Pritchett

pasture1Hello from L.A. (Lower Alabama)

"A picture says a thousand words!" It all began with the use of Neptune's Harvest Fish Emulsion. A visiting friend made the comment that there is a definite difference between our pastures and the neighbors. So we thought we would share his observations.

These photos were taken the same morning on June 6, 2006. The top photo is of our pasture and the bottom is a neighbors directly across our fenceline.

pasture2At this time, the cows had been off this pasture for 8 days and we were 13" below normal in rainfall for the year.

We have used your fish emulsion on this land for the past six years. The neighboring pasture was fertilized using conventional practices.

In using your product we have seen a definite improvement in the health of our soil, which in turn has enabled the earthworm and dung beetle populations to dramatically increase. All of the improvements have been a contributing factor to the retention and usage of rainfall and overall health of our soil.

Many thanks for your line of products. We are "VERY SATISFIED!"

George and Lisa Pritchett
Evergreen, Alabama