Chris Stevens


I wanted to let you know I used the Neptune's Harvest products to grow the new World Record Giant Pumpkin! It weighed in at 1810.5 lbs. and beat the old world record by 85.5 lbs.!

Neptune's Harvest is a nice fit for several reasons. First and foremost your company offers a diverse product line of high-end products that can accommodate anyone from the novice grower on a tight budget to the seasoned veteran using the most complex fertilizer program.

My results have shown the liquid fish product to perform beyond my expectations! The results both in my garden and around my yard, have been simply amazing!

The most noticeable benefit of using the Neptune's Harvest fish is the color/sheen to our pumpkin plant leaves.

Before using the Neptune's Harvest the leaves would be more of a dull green. As a result of using the Neptune's Harvest the leaves are shiny and beautiful. They almost look fake. We know our plants are more healthy when using the Neptune's Harvest than without. We also never achieved a weight like this before using your products.

The maple tree experiment was perhaps the most eye opening as to what the product can do. We planted a 2 inch tall maple tree in our yard this year early June. The tree received Neptune's Harvest fish/seaweed on a weekly basis. By mid-September the tree was nearly 2 feet tall. The growth and health of the tree was simply amazing!

Thank you,

Chris Stevens
New Richmond, WI