Chemically Grown vs. Organically Grown


Corn on the left (chemically grown)

  • 10 ears
  • Planted April 15th
  • Applied 150 lbs. of Nitrogen
  • Pale green color on leaves
  • Large dead and diseased areas on leaves
  • Leaves are firm and brittle
  • Leaves folding into a 'V' shape
  • Leaves are very dry
  • Ears are showing severe stunting and major "tip back"
  • Butts of ears are deformed
  • Pollination is not uniform
  • Cobs are hooking
  • Remaining corn in field is dying and not producing much sugar

Corn on the right (organically grown)

  • 9 ears
  • Planted May 22nd
  • Applied 10 gallons of Fish Fertilizer (also Manure tea, and Azotobacter)
  • Corn never stunted
  • Leaves samples show very little disease
  • Leaves are a rich green color
  • Leaves are soft in texture and supple
  • Ears are not deformed
  • Pollination is uniform
  • Cobs are not hooking
  • Remaining corn in field is alive, very healthy and producing sugar (see photo below)


Kent Friedrichsen
Perry, Iowa