Steve Connolly

Every year my soil tests indicate a need for amendments and replenishments because in this sport of extreme Giant Pumpkin gardening I know that the roots of my plants are always searching the surrounding soil rhizosphere, for nutrient sources in order to produce some exceptionally large Atlantic Giant fruits.

So to keep up with the demands of my plants by using fast acting Neptune's Harvest fertilizers, and I keep a couple aged leaf compost piles ready to use. They are usually packed with red wriggler worms, and nutrient rich worm castings. But I think the foliar applications of Organic Neptune's Harvest Fish and Seaweed, are most important, for my plants health. My young Pumpkin Plants and leaves were always very healthy, green, and fast growing, after spraying a Neptune's Harvest Fish/Seaweed/Compost solution on them.

This year I increased the foliar spray applications of Neptune's Fish and Seaweed to my plants, from weekly to almost a biweekly rate during July and August but mostly during early August when the Giant Pumpkins entered their Rapid Growth Phase. For 2 weeks this plant was growing at about 40 lbs per day. I firmly believe foliar sprayed Neptune's Harvest seaweed helped to keep the vigor in the green leaves, and the roots healthy; while the Pumpkin was drawing so much energy out of the ground, that the dirt would be dry at the end of every mid summer day. And my 1568 pound Giant Pumpkin, which was receiving more of your organic Fish emulsion fertilizer than my other plants just would not stop growing, while the plant leaves remained green, healthy, and somewhat mildew resistant, up till late September. Unfortunately a small area of this pumpkin, under the stem was a little over ripe and a small leak was noted at the Fair, so it was displayed for exhibition only. But the fact remains that she did grow to an amazing weight, and it was the largest Giant Pumpkin grown in the world, in 2008.

Thanks again,

Steve Connolly
Sharon, MA