Russ Haslam

haslamCheck out the pumpkin I grew this year in a 400 square foot patch! It weighed 855 pounds and was the 4th heaviest in Utah for 2008. This is my 5th year growing Atlantic Giants and my previous best was 404 pounds in 2007. That's a 451 pound gain in one year! My 855 also weighed 17% over the OTT estimate!

One of the only things I did differently this year was that I religiously applied Neptune's Harvest Fish/Seaweed Blend to the leaves, stems and vines once a week. I also applied the Fish/Seaweed Blend to the soil in April as a drench prior to planting. I also used the Fish/Seaweed Blend on my tomatoes, banana squash and cucumbers with great success. I did not use any other liquid or chemical fertilizers in 2008 and it was my best garden yet. The leaves on my plants were the biggest and healthiest I've ever had, which I believe dramatically increased the plant's energy production for fruit growth.

I've read many other testimonials about your products on your website, and how they really increase plant performance. Please add me to the long list of Neptune's Harvest success stories! I've already ordered my Neptune's Harvest products for next year!


Russ Haslam
South Jordan, Utah