Scott Palmer

2005pumpkinDear Neptune's Harvest:

Thank you for letting us tell you about your wonderful products. I recently grew a 1443 lb. pumpkin and had it weighed at the SNGPG, 12th Annual Southern New England Giant Pumpkin Growers Championship, held at Frerich's Farm in Warren, RI. My pumpkin took 1st place and is currently the largest pumpkin grown in New England, and is the 2nd largest pumpkin grown this year (2005) in the world.


I have been growing pumpkins for about 5 years and have been using your Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer faithfully.

This year times were tough and I really didn't have the money to buy the products, but knew I really needed them if I wanted to best my record of an 877 lb. pumpkin from last year, so I broke down and bought the products, and I am glad I made that investment. I used both the liquid Fish and the liquid Seaweed products once a week, and followed the instructions on the label.

When people ask me what I used for fertilizer I tell them NEPTUNE'S HARVEST, of course. I tell people all the time to try your products, and all the pumpkin growers I know love your product as much as I do. I would never use anything but NEPTUNE'S.

Your products are the best and without them I don't know if my pumpkin would have

weighed in at 1443 lbs. this year.

Thank you again for your wonderful products and a great selection.

Scott Palmer
Greene, RI