Bruce Whittier

1458This pumpkin weighed 1458 lbs. and is the LARGEST PUMPKIN EVER GROWN!

However, it developed a pin hole late in the season and therefore was not eligible for the official weigh-off.

It was grown using Neptune's Harvest products by Bruce Whittier of Henniker, NH during the 2003 season.

NOTE: 2003 was a difficult growing year, due to a long, cold, wet spring, which makes this weight even more of an achievement.

Thanks be to God and Neptune's Harvest

For the past three years I have used Neptune's Harvest and the results have been remarkable!

In 2001 I grew a 1,131 lb. and a 1,061 lb. pumpkin on one plant, and the very next year (2002) I grew a 1,186.4 lb. pumpkin. This season, (2003) much to my surprise, two more even larger than the previous years were found in my patch.

One weighed in at 1,301.4 lbs. at the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, MA, and took 1st place in New England. The second one weighed an amazing 1,458 lbs., and was the largest pumpkin ever grown in the world. Unfortunately it did not qualify for competition due to a pinhole.

I have been using Neptune's Harvest Fish and Seaweed faithfully. I use these products according to their directions on a weekly basis.

Hats off to Neptune's Harvest, and again, thanks for your great products and God bless.

Bruce Whittier
Henniker, NH