Robert Cody

cabbageDear Neptune's Harvest,

This is a picture of a cabbage I grew this year. I give all the credit for this cabbage to Neptune's Harvest. I've grown this type of cabbage, Megaton, for the past three years. This is the first year I used Neptune's Harvest. This year's 15 1/2 lb. head is double the size and weight of what I've grown in previous years without Neptune's Harvest. It was bigger than a basketball!

You certainly made a believer out of me! Great product, thank you!

cabbagenewI thought I'd send a picture of the latest and greatest. This one weighed in at 16 1/4 lbs., a new record for me. Neptune's Harvest once again did the trick.

newcabbage2Here it is! A new record cabbage. Thi this year, other than the Neptune's. We ribly ad hot summer here in western PA. I had almost a dozen 15 and 16 pounders and lots of 10s and 12s. Maybe a 20 pounder next year!

Robert Cody
Wampum, PA