John B. Martin III

"Just a note to let you know the Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer that I purchased from you was possibly one of the best things that I have done in my several years of farming. Over the years we have used many products on an experimental and trial basis that have performed fairly well or at least we thought until the occasion to use Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer.

On an experimental basis, we basically used this on open pollinated and some three way cross corn production. It was unbelievable how the fish brought alive the soil microbes to the point of which was totally amazing.

Neptune's Harvest was applied in the row at one gallon with one gallon of liquid calcium at planting time and came back with one gallon as foliar with two quarts of liquid calcium on the corn test plots. We estimate that our corn on the test harvest with strictly using the fish, yielded approximately 120-125 bushels per acre, or 5-7 bushels better than the check. We also sent a sample to a certified lab for nutrient/mineral analysis and was very surprised to see the mineral balance and 13% protein in this sample, typical corn protein runs from 6-7%.

Another interesting fact was that in late November, a state sales representative came to our farm to dig a root of corn plant. The first corn root we dug was approximately 18-20 inches in diameter. We stood in amazement at the number of earthworms that were still within the root structure of this plant. The one plant that we counted had forty-five earthworms that were still within the root structure.

I contribute this earthworm population in this root zone strictly to the use of Neptune's Harvest fish with the amino acids and a total feeding program for the soil microbes.

It has truly been a pleasure meeting you and I am grateful to have found your product."

John B. Martin III
OCIA Certified Organic
Williamsburg, IN