The Neptune's Harvest Lawn

Neptune's Harvest Fertilizers have been my only lawn care products since 1994. They have made my grass and soil so healthy that disease and pests are not a problem. The products by Neptune's Harvest have made my lawn so thick and green that weeds cannot find any room to grow. The soil is so healthy, disease can never get a foothold. The products I use are the Liquid Fish, Seaweed and Dry Kelp Meal.

The Kelp Meal applied a couple of times a year, really gives the grass and soil a boost and keeps it green even through drought periods. 5 days after application my lawn had that brilliant green color and renewed vigor. After a 6 week drought and water ban, my lawn was still green. The Fish and Seaweed in liquid form, really gives the grass a boost in times of stress, or when it needs a feeding. It is possible to have lush turf without chemicals of any kind.

Thanks Neptune's Harvest for your outstanding products.

James Skinner
Rockaway, NJ
2 time winner of the
Rockaway Township Beautification Award