Application rates for pastures or hay

Using Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer or Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer on hay and pasture

Pasture Application Rates:

For optimal results, we recommend spraying:

  • 2 - 3 gallons as soon as you can get out on field
  • For the first two applications, it would be best to apply 3 gallons X 30 gallons water per acre. This could also depend on the quality of your soil.

NOTE: After the initial two applications you could cut back to 2 gallons X 20 gallons water to maintain

  • Recommended fertilizing is every 21 days or when the grass/hay has been grazed down and/or when the animals are rotated

NOTE: Minimum applications for pasture - Every 4 to 6 week's still shows good results with 3 gallons per acre


Hay Application Rates:

For optimal results, we recommend spraying:

  • Two Gallons X 20 gallons water - when hay first comes out of dormancy
  • Another 2 gallons (x 20 gal. water) 2 weeks prior to cutting - if possible
  • Spray 2 gallons (x 20 gal. water) a few days after each cutting - when the hay gets up to about 2 to 4 inches high and then apply 2 gallons after every cut thereafter, and 2 gallons 2 weeks prior to cutting. This 2nd application, before cutting will really increase your RFV (relative feed value) and make the hay very nutrient dense. Animals will eat about ½ the hay when feed with the Fish Fertilizer, compared to Chemical Fertilizer, or no Fertilizer.

NOTE: For best results, try using higher amounts of fish on poor soil in the beginning, to help the overall health of the hay/pasture, this method will also help you achieve maximum results.

Important Information: Always add a Minimum of 10 gallons of water to 1 gallon of fish fertilizer.

*** Both products approved organic by OMRI***
(Organic Materials Review Institute)

Results achieved:

  • Higher yields
  • More nutritional grass i.e. higher protein, sugar, omega oils, vitamins and minerals
  • Helps breakdown manure faster (less flies, more dung beetles, earthworms, and nitrogen in the soil)
  • Healthier soil (builds beneficial bacteria, and gets soil microbes going).
  • Healthier animals
  • Fish & Seaweed contains macro and micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, trace minerals, enzymes, naturally occurring growth promoters, and omega oils.
  • Cattle, horses and goats love fields fertilized with Fish.
  • The Fertilizer has an indefinite shelf life, until you add water.

Once it has been diluted, you must use it up.

  • We filter the fish through a 150-micron screen for easy application through any type of sprayer.
  • The product must be stirred well before pumping out what you need. (See Mixing Guide link).
  • The pump and sprayer should be flushed with clear water, after each use.

  • We also have dry Kelp Meal, which is an excellent free choice animal feed supplement. The animals will usually eat the kelp when they are deprived of the nutrients and minerals needed, and leave it alone when they do not need it. It will keep the animals very healthy and calm.