Application rates for fruit trees

HOW OFTEN AND WHEN TO APPLY Fish or Fish/Seaweed Blend For Fruit Trees.

We recommend you apply 3 gallons per acre 4 times a year, minimum. If you are able to spray more often, with less you will see even greater results. (e.g. 2 gal/acre 6x/year)

1st Application: Foliar spray when trees start to come out of dormancy, or start a new cycle.

2nd Application: Foliar spray when 1st primary leaves come out, or if tree doesn't lose leaves, you should spray 1/2 way in-between 1st and 3rd applications.

3rd Application: Foliar spray pre-blossom.

4th Application: Foliar spray pre-harvest. Never waste a trip; if you're going to the field to spray anything add some fish to your mix. Fish will act like a sticker/spreader, and is also systemic. The Fish will enable your other inputs to stay in the soil, and on/in the tree longer, and should allow you to cut your application rates, on these other inputs, by 25%.

  • Each gallon of Fish must be mixed with at least 10 gallons of water.
  • Stir the Fish thoroughly before each use.
  • Always run clear water through your sprayer after each application, to flush out the lines. (see mixing guide link)
  • Do not store diluted Fertilizer.

Results achieved include:

  • Higher yields
  • Larger fruit
  • Increased brix (sugar content) = greater value, flavor, and resistance to insect damage and disease.
  • Increased nutritional value of fruit and longer shelf-life
  • Increased overall health of tree or bush