Mixing and Usage Requirements

Mixing and usage requirements for Neptune's Harvest Fish, Fish/Seaweed Blend and Seaweed Fertilizers

Products must be stirred well

Because of the oils in the fish, it will separate, so stirring well is very important.

  • You should stir drums, or bulk totes with a long clean pole or stick (broom handles for drums, and wooden planks for totes work well). For best results, stir 100 revolutions 1 way, and the 50 revolutions the other way.
  • Air compressors with a hose going to the bottom, will help mix it up while you are stirring.
  • You can also pump from one bung hole back in to the other and circulate the product that way.

Pumps, spray equipment and/or drip lines must be cleaned out after every use

  • To assure that your equipment work it's best and lasts as long as possible, it is extremely important to flush your equipment with clean water after using our products, as well as, prevent any clogging and corrosion issues due to oily buildup.

Do not store diluted

  • Once you have mixed our products with water, they must be used up the same day. We bring our Fish products down to a pH of 3.5 in order to keep them from rotting. Once water has been added, the pH goes up so the plant can accept it. If you do store it diluted, it will still work, but will smell pretty bad.

Mix with enough water before spraying

  • Each gallon of Fish or Fish/Seaweed should be mixed with a minimum of 10 gallons of water. You can add more water, but do not add less unless you find a way to raise the pH. Our Seaweed Extract is a good way to do that. If you cannot add 10 gallons of water, per gallon of Fish, you can add Seaweed Extract into the tank until you reach your desired pH level. We recommended a pH meter when in doubt.

If mixing with other inputs

  • If you are mixing the Fish with other inputs, always add the Fish to the tank last. In almost all cases you can cut back on the other inputs by 25% when spraying with the Fish, because the Fish is a natural spreader/sticker, and is systemic, which means it will help take the other inputs into the plant, and down to the root system.