Shelly Neff

hmvranch"I wanted to say WAY TO GO, Sandy and Ann, and all of you at Neptune's Harvest.

You all put out such a great product. We have been using the fish emulsion on everything, from our apple trees to our 100 acres of alfalfa and can't believe the difference in our production. We were getting 4 1/2 tons per acre a year and now we are up to 9.

We spray it on by plane in the spring about 3 weeks before we are going to cut the hay and it instantly gives it a huge boost, it really starts growing good. Our alfalfa was chest high and no blooms last year when we harvested the first cutting. Here in Wyoming we generally only take two cuttings, we then get the hay off and then we started irrigating again and went back over it again in July and we had another bumper crop. All of our neighbor laughed at us and teased us about raising 100% organic beef and crops and now we are the ones laughing, all the way to the bank. Thanks to you and your awesome product.

We also feed the Kelp to our cattle and what a difference it has made in their health. They are healthy and we have not had anything sick at all since we have been feeding it. We feed it in a mineral feeder free choice and we have found that if they need it they eat it and if they don't, they leave it alone. We also till it in my garden and you should see the beautiful vegetables I had last year here in this zone 3 climate. When I dug my root crops after using the kelp and the fish oil on them, I had probably 20-30 earth worms in a hand full of dirt. This dirt was very sandy and didn't grow much three years ago before I really started adding your product to it and now it is wonderful loamy soil full of microbial life. Thank You again for your wonderful customer service and thank you enough to take the time and the effort to get certified organic, We know what a headache it can be, your organic farms really appreciate the time and care that goes into your product."

Your Friend and Loyal Customer,
Shelly Neff of Heart Mtn. Valley Ranch
Cody, WY